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 One of the biggest concern areas for any potential mover is how to pack his household goods. The task seems to be insurmountable – as every item may need a different style of packing and there are so many items to be packed! There is no point in worrying so much, as with a little help from experts you could also pack like a pro. Packing for your move then becomes easy and simple. Planning, commonsense, preparedness and some amount of patience are all that you need to start the exercise of packing. Here are some packing techniques from experts, who have years of experience behind them, having packed goods of small apartments to large villas. Try and take help from these useful tips:

Boxes & Moving Kits – Start your exercise by jotting down the items which need to be packed then get going with procuring these packing materials which include sturdy boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, large amounts of crumpled paper, blankets and pillows; even clothing can serve as a buffer between breakable objects. All these items and more can be found at discounted rates from most reputed moving companies.

All furniture and large items need to be dismantled and broken down to small and manageable pieces.

Wrap all the corners and sharp edges of items which might puncture or scratch other items.

It is a good idea to pack one room at a time. You could use colored stickers and labels on the boxed for easy identification while unloading and unpacking.

All delicate and fragile items should carry a sticker marked ‘Fragile” and kept in a separate corner of the house and these need special treatment while loading on to the truck..

Fill up all empty spaces inside boxes with paper stuffing or packing peanuts which prevent items from shifting and colliding during journey.

All valuables, documents and essentials should be moved with your person and not be packed with rest of the items.

Use bubble wrap for padding furniture, which could also be covered and wrapped with blankets for prevention from denting and scratches. For protecting fine wood furnishing, you could use wax polish them before packing.

The best way to pack computers, DVD, stereos etc is in their original packing.

Mirrors and other expensive breakable objects can be packed in their specific boxes like mirror box, etc to keep them safe from breaking.

Expensive pictures should be taken out of the frames. The frames should be packed with bubble wrap and tapes while the pictures can be carried personally.

Appliances like refrigerator, dish washer and washing machines should be emptied and stuffed with paper crumples or other soft cloth material, before a final external packaging is done.

All cushions can be put in bags and used as fillers or padding between items stuffed in packing boxes.

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