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There are many who believe that ‘self help is the best help’ and decide to move their belongings to the new destination during relocation. It is not an impossible task, provided you know where and how to begin and how to organize your move, so that the whole experience can be free of hassle, tensions or accidental injuries etc. To begin with, there are a lot of moving materials you will need to start packing. These items include: packing boxes in assorted sizes; packing paper; bubble wrap roll; a tape gun and plenty of rolls of tape; heavy gloves; a marker to mark the boxes; box cutter knife; padlocks; pen and paper for making an inventory sheet. Then there are other materials which you will need for packing and while loading your household goods on to the truck. These items make the task easier as well as keep in-transit damages to the minimum. Mattress covers, sofa and chair bags, rope, shrink wrap plastic, packing peanuts are items which can help you wrap large furniture as well as put smaller items in boxes. There are many moving companies who can arrange for these items at discounted rates. You could call a representative of a moving company who provide these types of services who will even give you suggestions on the amount of packing materials you need for your volume of goods. Remember, it is always better to get a bit more of the materials than to run short of packing materials at the last minute. A hand truck and furniture pads are items which you will need to load the goods on to the truck. These will help you to carry heavy items as well as prevent breakage of delicate items and chipping of furniture etc.

Loading a truck is no mean task. There is a method and it requires organizational skills for loading which professional movers use. Remember, the baggage should not just be put in randomly, as then you run the risk of receiving your goods in bits and pieces. Since there will be a lot of jerks and shaking within the space inside the truck, you must load the largest items like furniture and appliances first. The heaviest boxes must be at the bottom rung on top of which the lighter boxes must be piled according to size and weight. It is always good to fill up one section of the truck at a time. Fill it up tight from floor to the ceiling and fill up all vacant spaces between boxes with padding or even smaller boxes, cushion bags etc. This will prevent the boxes from tilting or shifting during the journey. Mattresses, sofas, table tops should be placed on the side walls of the truck. You could even tie them down to the hooks which are readily available on the inside of any truck. Mirrors and picture frames should be placed in between the mattresses in an upright position and again tied to the wall of the truck. The trick of finding the right thing at the right time when you unload is to pack the most essential items like kitchen ware, toilet items and bed linen as last items on the truck. This will enable you to lay your hands on the most essential items first, as you unpack. After all, you will need to sleep, use the toilet and cook on the first night at your new home! After you have loaded all your belongings on to the truck, use your own lock to keep your goods safe and secure before the truck leaves your premises.
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